Alight… it’s been ages…. I have loads of excuses, including this website, as to why that has been the case. Reality though, is that I haven’t been working on it, and the excuses don’t really matter.

13 Sep 2016   plans  

So…. a lot of excuses can be put here… To start with, This particular session was logged in the google sheets hour log, but didn’t have a build log entry written until Sept. 2016. I’m dating it properly, but, beyond the log entry of ‘sanding’, I don’t have any particular details.

04 Oct 2013   buildlog   tools   empennage   horizontal-stabilizer   deburring  

In order to avoid progressing too quickly and running out of things to do before I can buy more parts, I am intentionally slowing down my process on the project. I still plan on regular build sessions, they are probably just going to be scaled back a bit to around 3-4 hours a week or so.

08 Jun 2011   buildlog   tools   empennage   horizontal-stabilizer   deburring  

They say that in the process of building the aircraft, it actually gets put together and taken apart about 3 times. Well - this will be the first… Today I got the horizontal stabilizer skeleton taken apart for deburring the spars & all of the holes that have been drilled to size. Not much to show there - its all just a pile of separate parts again now..

05 Jun 2011   buildlog   prep   empennage   horizontal-stabilizer   disassembly  

Tonight’s session was spent final drilling the horizontal stabilizer ribs to the spars. Nothing difficult, though it does take a bit of time to get to all the holes. It is a bit tricky to drill the holes through the nose ribs. I ended up opening up the flange that connects to the spar for drilling, then straightened it back to 90 degrees after the holes were drilled.

03 Jun 2011   buildlog   empennage   horizontal-stabilizer   assembly   ribs